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Affordable Clutch Repair Service In San Antonio, Texas

Sergeant Clutch Discount Clutch Repair Shop in San Antonio, Texas - Free Clutch Check

Got clutch problems? No clutch will last forever. The facings on the clutch disc wear as the miles accumulate. Stop and go city driving with lots of shifting is obviously harder on the clutch than open highway driving. Pulling a trailer, off-roading and aggressive driving can also accelerate clutch wear.

As the clutch plate wears, you may notice a change in your clutch pedal height and a need to press farther down to engage the transmission. This is a normal clutch problem and quite often a minor adjustment can be made to correct the problem.

Sergeant Clutch offers Affordable Clutch Kit Replacement Service for the following:

  • Acura Clutch Kit
  • Audi Clutch Kit
  • BMW Clutch Kit
  • Buick Clutch Kit
  • Cadillac Clutch Kit
  • Chevrolet Clutch Kit
  • Chrysler Clutch Kit
  • Corvette Clutch Kit
  • Dodge Clutch Kit
  • Fiat Clutch Kit
  • Ford Clutch Kit
  • GMC Clutch Kit
    • Honda Clutch Kit
    • Hummer Clutch Kit
    • Hyundai Clutch Kit
    • Infiniti Clutch Kit
    • Isuzu Clutch Kit
    • Jeep Clutch Kit
    • Jetta Clutch Kit
    • Kia Clutch Kit
    • Lexus Clutch Kit
    • Lincoln Clutch Kit
    • Mazda Clutch Kit
    • Mercedes-Benz Clutch Kit
    • Mercury Clutch Kit
    • Mini Cooper Clutch Kit
    • Mitsubishi Clutch Kit
    • Nissan Clutch Kit
    • Plymouth Clutch Kit
    • Pontiac Clutch Kit
    • Porsche Clutch Kit
    • Saab Clutch Kit
    • Saturn Clutch Kit
    • Scion Clutch Kit
    • Subaru Clutch Kit
    • Suzuki Clutch Kit
    • Toyota Clutch Kit
    • Volkswagen Clutch Kit
    • VW Clutch Kit
    • Volvo Clutch Kit

    No Matter What You Drive Sergeant Clutch Has The Right Clutch For Your Car or Truck At Affordable Prices

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      Clutch Replacement Shop in San Antonio, Texas offered by Sergeant Clutch

      Clutch Diagnostic Performance Check

      When your clutch gives you problems call Sergeant Clutch. We offer a Clutch Performance Check that will externally inspect your vehicles manual transmission, clutch system, linkage and hydraulics.

      Our ASE Certified Clutch Mechanic will test and check your car or truck and determine if your clutch needs a simple adjustment or replacement. May times our mechanic finds your clutch problem can be fixed with a minor adjustment. In the event your clutch cannot be corrected by a simple external adjustment. Sergeant Clutch can replace your vehicles clutch and or related parts at Affordable Prices!